VTO. Democratic Veto

... How can the (CTZ), using selective citizenship (SCZ) and the public ledger (PLG) keep the state's power in check?

Power corrupts and the citizen must have tools to regulate out of control power without the use of force..

When a citizen pays taxes they should get a vote in that 'state'. We will do this via the democratic veto.

This veto is a 3 phase vote. Citizens can vote 'abstain', 'deny', 'override' on a state account.

This gives power to small minorities to stop the payment from state accounts until their concerns are addressed or their negative vote is overridden by other citizens.

We also don't want small issues gumming up the general working of the state. As a result we should provide for agency accounts that can be selectively vetoed when particular issues arise in the running of those agencies.


Establish the democratic veto for state accounts and selective veto for agency accounts.


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