DPY. Deferred Payment

... how can one exchange a good for the deferred payment of money (MNY)?

Often one wants to procure goods now with a promise to pay later. Often called a loan. How can currency accomplish this?

Money is an efficient way to measure value.

If a farmer wants to procure seeds for planting, he may pledge the proceeds of the sale of the crop as payment. How can we measure this value? Generally we enumerate the value of the seeds and expect an equally enumerated value to be paid later.


Any form of money must be good for establishing Deferred Payment and as much as it can it should hold the value of the debt to be the same at the time of initiation as at the time of pay off.

Deferred Payment is supported by Rule of Law (LAW) and enforced by Legal Tender (LTN). It can be made even stronger when inflation and deflation are controlled by Demurrage (DMR)

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