The Moral Grid

The following chart lays out the current spectrum of political ideologies. We can see how each ideology holds up to our ideal of recognizing the authority of the intellect over society, but also approaches society with a permissive responsibility.

We find the most ideal state to be that of the progressive. This parallels our ideal of stepwise refinement and genuinely reflects the ideals of the enlightenment.

Of course to those on the far left, progressivism will seem far too conservative, but hopefully, our new framework of bootstraps will reign in those that would charge wildly into the future with no concern for the present wholeness.

Description Cultural Authority Intellectual Authority Cultural Responsibility (Diversity) Intellectual Responsibility (Science)
Alt Right gives culture authority over intellectualism and emphasizes a responsibility to overthrow intellectualism for against against neutral
Religious Right gives culture authority over intellectualism because Jesus for against against against
Neo Con seeks dominance of culture via intellectual means for against for for
Conservative seeks cultural and intellectual parity in the realm of authority and ignores responsibility for neutral for for
Liberal Emphasizes cultural responsibility and intellectual authority but ignore progress in intellectual responsibility for the sake of cultural rewards neutral for for neutral
Progressive Balances authority with responsibility against for for for
Regressive Left suppress authority of intellect over cultural to emphasize responsibility against for against for
Socialist neutral toward intellectual authority and lack responsibility toward culture by streamlining systems and reducing optionality for the sake of the current culture for neutral against against
Communism for a monoculture authority and mastering that culture with intellectual authority help but without responsibility at any level for for against against

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