CTZ. The Citizen

... What is at the center of an economic piston (EPI)? Who is the ultimate user of money (MNY). Who gives power to the state (STA) and establishes rule of law (LAW). Who is responsible for holding participants accountable in the public ledger (PLG) and holds the state accountable to public transparency (TRN)?

Who is the central actor in our society?

The citizen is the ultimate actor in our society. Without the citizen and the citizen's intrinsic, natural value, there is no need for money or an economic piston.

Who are citizens? Anyone human being that is alive and breathing natural air. This is the simplest to agree upon and most will agree that at least all that are in this grouping are citizens. There are fringe areas where we can get mired in debate like the unborn and the brain dead on respirators.

The citizen is the center that we build this entire framework on. Our goal is to maintain the human dignity of all humans whether they have access to wealth or not and give all humans the right to begin, at any point, to participate in our economic piston without baggage.

We believe in a democratic system where each citizen has one vote. If a child is not of voting age yet, their parents should wield their vote. If society is concerned that some are not 'educated' enough to vote, this is a problem of society. Educate them. Do not take their vote away.

We need to establish and protect the rights of citizens above the rights of the state or the legal entity.

Let us explore the idea of a citizen a little more closely. I'm a citizen of the United States, Texas, and Houston. I have other things that I'm a member of and get a 'vote' in. Am I a citizen of those things? Should I be? If I am a citizen of the United States, can I also be a citizen of France? What if I want to be both? We will discuss this in the article on Selective Citizenship.


Make the citizen the central focus of our economic piston and protect the citizen's rights above all other rights.

Citizens have the right to the full output of labor (FOL) and the right to be a bank (BNK). Citizens should have the power to select their citizenship. They are protected by statutory theft (STH) laws. They have the right to privacy and private dispersal (PRI) and human dignity frameworks (DIG). They wiled the democratic veto (VTO) and can leave a legacy (LEG) in our system.

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