Preserving Democracy

Our technology is driving the world to a smaller and smaller state. The current lines we draw between countries are a clear source of cultural and societal strife. They operate at a societal level. We need to exert our intellectual moral authority over these lines and dismantle them. At the same time we want to do so in a responsible way that preserves the many cultures that thrives based on these lines. We also want to adhere to stepwise refinement and allow these lines to dissolve in a way that increases the whole.

Fortunately for us the intellectual ideals of a liberal democracy and a republic mesh fairly well. We also have a document in the US constitution that has shown a remarkable resilience across massive changes in population distributions and technological advances. It is of course far from perfect, but it to can be subject to stepwise refinement.

In a later chapter I will propose assigning the government as a signer on cash transactions so that it can impose a rule of law, but also so that it can itself be regulated by the citizens via a direct veto of governmental accounts.

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