A Generative Language for a new form of money

Our goal in this book is to outline a (re)generative process that will allow our new form of money to become the dominant form of currency in the near future. Much like our desire to have a life cycle to all things there will also be some outlets for the next thing to come along. For example, our system would not work well for interplanetary and interstellar travel. These are problems to solve another day.

We will first discuss our ideal System.

We will then discuss our assumptions about the environment that we are engaging with.

Next we will discuss how to move from an initial seed to our full vision.

Finally we will discuss what is currently missing from our vision and how can we can engage the community to fill in those holes.

I feel that it is possible to bootstrap this economy with just the proposed social structures. If a stronger infrastructure is necessary I have a following section that will propose fundamental changes to the United States Constitution that will prop up many of these institutions in the foundational document of our democracy.

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