The Pattern Language

We begin with that part of the language which defines a thriving global economic system of exchange. These patterns can never be designed or built in one fell swoop--but patient piecemeal growth, designed in such a way that every individual act is always helping to create or generate these larger global patterns, will slowly and surely, over the years, make a global economic system of exchange that has these global patterns in it.

These Patterns exist at various levels of scale and can be generally grouped at the Global Scale, the scale of the State, the scale of the Market, the scale of non-personal legal entities, the scale of the citizen, and the technology scale.

Ultimately a thriving global economic system of exchange is an economic piston that drives the global growth of wealth, capital, technology, and culture in a controlled and progressive manner.

EPI. Economic Piston

at the global scale, the main tool of this economic piston is...

MNY. Money

with which we can work toward as system of exchange that satisfies the following patterns...

MEX. Medium of Exchange

MOV. Measure of Value

DIV. Divisibility

DPY. Deferred Payment

LIQ. Liquid

RTC. Resistant to Counterfeiting

money and production can be used to procure...

CAP. Capital

that can be either

RCP. Real Capital or

ACP. Artificial Capital

and that can be

COL. Collateralized

Money and capital can be regulated via

DEM. Controlled Inflation or Demurrage

all of which must support and be congruent with at the State level...

STA. The State

LAW. Rule of law

which together can implement...

ISS. Issuance

who can be assured of proper operation by...

TRN. Public Transparency

and maintain public funding and economic equality through...

TAX. Tax

so that the state and groups of states can establish a set of

MKT. Markets

that have display fluid properties of

SUP. Supply, Demand, and Price

and yet still promote...

INT. Interdependence and/or nth order decision making

and neutralize or negate

ECR. Neutralization of Economic Rent

NOC. Negation of opportunity costs

and make more efficient the...

PRF. Predistribution of economic rents

PFP. Principal of First Pref Payment

DER. Diminishing value of future economic rents

and make possible...

INS. Instant Transfer

PLG. Public Ledger

So that legal entities can be formed to pursue commerce as ....

so that legal entities can be restricted by and unto...

KIL. Corporate Death

LLR. Limited Risk instead of Limited Liability

LBR. Enrich Labor

so that the citizen is maintained as the predominant actor in the state and economy...

CTZ. The Citizen


SCZ. Selective citizenship

FOL. The right to the full output of labor

BNK. Everyone is a bank

and are protected via...

STH. Statutory Theft

and yet maintain their right to

PRI. Privacy and Private Dispersal

DIG. Human Dignity

The Dignity which is supported by...

EDU. Education

ELD. Eldercare

WEL. Welfare

HOM. The Home

LEG. Legacy

And the power of democratic citizen government is protected by...

VTO. Democratic Veto


The pattern language is not complete. A true pattern language has evidence that supports each pattern and I have not yet done the work to provide that evidence I encourage that evidence to be gathered, and if the evidence demonstrates that the pattern is false, then the structure should be adapted to fit the demonstrated evidence. There is no dogma here.

In addition, each pattern should be rated according to how well it demonstrates the process of wholeness creating processes. These can be found in the sections on Christopher Alexander and The Nature of Order.

Finally, we should be able to develop specific generative and regenerative processes for each pattern.


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