A Definition of Morality

What is good and right? Our moral framework should answer this question. People have sought to derive morality from ancient texts, from royal decree, and from moral philosophy. This book assumes that morality emerges from the very metaphysics of our universe. We can see what our moral framework should be by simply looking around us at what is.

This is not going to be enough for many people. In a sense it is a presupposition that it is good and right for there to be this reality we live in and that we can derive what is good and right by observing what we see.

On the Duality of Morality

We will find by observing that there is a Moral Authority given to more advanced and complex entities. This Moral Authority must always be balanced with a Moral Responsibility given from the more advanced and complex entities to lesser entities. This is derived for the reality that any lesser entity may be a springboard to a new and more complex entity that has never existed before.

On Evil

Evil arises in two ways.

The first is when the moral authority is threatened from below.

The second is when the moral responsibility is ignored or currently unachievable. This often manifests in a 'moral dilemma' that seemingly cannot be overcome without committing some evil.

On Knowledge

But we are not left alone with this evil. We can explain. And we can codify our explanations so that we know. Our minds are universal explainers. And using the tools we have on hand, and the ones we will develop, we should be universal constructors. If it is allowed by the physics of our universe, we should be able to accomplish it with the right knowledge.

On Overcoming Evil

We will find that morality demands that a universal explainer try to explain evil, develop knowledge about that evil, and use the knowledge gained to annihilate that evil.

More knowledge protects entities from lower forces that would undo them.

More knowledge allows entities to act with proper responsibility to lower entities.

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