This volume present a moral framework for our world based on currently available obeservations of how our universe exists and how our universe presenets its history to us. Inside of this moral framework we see four major economies at work in our modern world. By pulling our problems apart at the seams of these economies we can more morally address our world.

Ultimately we find that the universe is in the business of bootstraps. Each economy that latches and takes hold has the possibility of having any number of additional economies built on top of it. When one of these add-on economies is created, and latches, we say that the universe has bootstrapped a new economy. These new economies operate on a fundamentally different system of supply and demand than their base economy and operate specifically to overcome the operations of the base economy. These more advanced economies create a causal joint in the universe such that their emergent systems can be said to determine the behavior of the universe.

Humanity is separated from the rest of nature by having two biologically based systems in our brains that help us to operate in the cultural and intellectual economies at a very high level. Since the enlightenment we have been operating at a high quality level in these two economies. Our moral framework helps us envision a bootstrap from either of these two levels. We have discussed how it is imperative that we bootstrap the societal level before the intellegence level with the hope that a superintelligence system would use available data to make important decisions about whether humanity has something to contribute to a new world that includes superintelligence. We call this society bootstrap the supersociety.

We acknowledge that this new bootstrapped economy will have a moral authority over our existing societies and intellectual institutions. But, we aim for it to include elements of the intelligence bootstrap, namely the operation across time and the repeatability of phenomena across time, in this supersociety to achieve our goal of validating the reality that all sub systems should be acted toward with moral responsibility.

Ultimately we propose a new economic framework, the hypercatallaxian economy, to advance our goal. This economic framework puts the citizen at center of the social economy and restores money to a natural state. This new form of money moves faster and adapts to volatility in a positive way. It also lays the foundation for a secure society where there is a balance between social provision and capitalistic economic drive. The underlying economic institutions drive society to a place where very long human life helps to stabilize and strengthen the economy. This is truly our end goal as we hope to see a world where aging has been solved so that we can move toward further technology advancements that secure our minds from destruction.

In order to support this hypercatallaxian economic framework we propose some changes to the intellectual construct of the United States constitution. These changes align the government with the our new economic framework. They also increase the transparancy of how government activity is recorded and tracked.

This volume is a living document and the ideas we propose are not fixed in time. As we move down the path and solve the problems in front of us we will discard what does not work and make new proposals for what will solve the problems that threaten our continued existence.

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