Why can this system not be jump started?

I assume that citizens will be very skeptical at first. They will need to be 'trained' to understand the idea of prefs and the financial impact they can have on their life.

I assume that this system will be very disruptive to the powers that be. We anticipate the distraction of the populace via war, patriotism, and slander. We must find a way to encourage people to look at the respect for humanity our system seeks to employ.

I assume the state will not run with this from the get go. We will provide for the eventual nationalization of the system. This is not something to be feared and should be planned for from the beginning. This system could lead to a nation-stateless society, but if history is any indication we are not quite ready for that.

I assume that merchants would be skeptical as well. Why would they want a money that 'dies' unspent? We will have to overcome these fears by encouraging the populace to demand the acceptance of Art.

I assume the banks will fight this tooth and nail. It will be for the people to demand the reduction of the financial industry. Ultimately we don't expect this to be a hard sell, but we do expect the industry to fight with all their power to keep the status quo.

I assume 'they' will call these ideas 'communist', 'socialist', 'unrealistic', etc. Remember the mantra, 'if capitalism is so great, then I demand capital for my dollar.' Together, we need to no longer let ourselves be taken advantage of by those have the power.

I also assume that this is doable. Art has a secret weapon.

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