The Loan Officer

Who: The Loan Officer doesn't really exist today. We have bankers that are supposed to look for good lending opportunities, but these relationships are often short sighted and benefits only extend to the life of a loan. Our loan officers are in charge of bidding and distributing the retained loan pool. She is also the vehicle by which our system issues currency.

How will our system affect the loan officer? First of all banks will die. They will not be needed. The wasted human capital that resides there can be returned to the labor pool for real, productive work.

The new loan officer will bid on chunks of loans from the pool. The proceeds from these bids will be distributed to the citizens and companies that are 'saving' cash in their retaining partition. The loan officers will bid because they think they can place the money in places that will return more pref payments in the future than cash they are bidding.

Most loan officers will have alternate forms of income in the short term while they build their portfolios. In the future they will be tied to the companies and individuals they loaned to and will benefit when they thrive. The relationship will be bounded by the lives of the two entities and not the length of the loan.

This new arrangement will be a hit to the commercial banking industry but a benefit to humanity. I am not sorry for ruining the banking industry.

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