LBR. Enrich Labor

... What effect does the diminishing value of economic rents (DER) have on labor. How can corporate death (KIL) be mitigated through labor? How can legal entities (LGE) be held accountable to labor that helps drive their profits.

Capital and labor have been at odds for hundreds of years. Can their desires be aligned and the war ended?

Capital and Labor have been at odds for centuries. The battle has spawned the failed experiment of communism and in the new century we see an increasing rift between the income of capitalists and labor.

How can we mitigate this?

We are against employment. There is little to be gained in one person doing the same 'job' for 40 years. We will contend that there is a difference between 'jobs' and 'crafts'. A job can and is increasingly being automated by technology. Crafts tend to require a human understanding of culture and problem solving that computers have yet to achieve.

Craftsmen produce their art and capitalists take the lion's share of the profits. How do we mitigate this? Here again, prefs add a layer of responsibility to a relationship. We motivate the capitalist by allowing that any unit of currency paid to labor has the ability to be returned via pref payments if the employee's earning power can be increased over his life.

In this way, capital will have a new desire to enrich labor. Suddenly, capital cares about the health, education, and long term earning potential of a craftsman. This will be the driving force that causes the extension of human life. Corporations will demand an increase in the working life of laborers so that they can recoup their wages over time.

We think this will stabilized the war between labor and capital. We may even see capitalists sponsoring the unions so that they can better understand and serve the needs of labor. We will see a revival of the apprenticeship system where training is an integrated activity to work instead of a 2 week ordeal to be endured once a year.


Create ways for capital to enrich labor and recover their labor costs.

Enrich labor will help increase education (EDU) in the adult years of life.


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