STA. The State

... how can an economic piston (EPI) organize itself at the top level?

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. How can global power be broken up to ensure a balance of power between citizens of the world.

For recent history, humans have 'chosen' to separate themselves into states. Some of these states hold massive power and some are weak.

We don't pretend to have the answer to which 'size' a state should be but we do contend that it needs to exist.

We can say that should not be one global state.

We can also say that it would be inconvenient for the laws of the land to change every time you crossed a street so a state should not be the size of a city block.

Somewhere in between is the answer and if one take the idea of wholeness, it is likely that the answer of the size of a state is dependent on the states around it, and the geography, and the makeup of the organizations of its citizens.

So if size is variable, what is constant? The state is helpful for the organizing of a people into a coherent group so that they can govern themselves. By creating a state with a constitution that protects the rights of citizens, order and human dignity can both be maintained.

The state can issue laws and help standardize society on certain protocols and language for transacting business. We will discuss these later.

On the subject of ideology, I would like to try to avoid picking a side. The citizens of the state must decide for themselves what form of government to take. History provides many lessons about the evils of Imperialism, Capitalism, Democracy, Communism, Socialism, etc. Our hope here is to create a form of money that would moderate those evils in all scenarios.

It is also worth noting that the future of the state may be multi-leveled and abstract. Today in America we have National, State, County, and City governments. All levels must currently be in agreement and the lower levels cannot override laws and rights granted at higher levels. This is currently geographically based, but that is not a requirement. We will see in our discussion of money how a citizen may elect to participate in government tied to many aspects besides geography.


The state will exist when a group of people organize. Create a money that helps reduce the propensity of the state to cause harm.

The State is supported by the rule of law (LAW). It funds itself via tax (TAX) on citizens. It has the right to Issue (ISS) currency and declare it Legal Tender (LTN). The state should be supported and run by The Citizens (CTZ) and it must be be forthcoming with them via public Transparency (TRN). Inside of a state, and across states, Markets (MKT) will form.

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