A New Constitution

The following is a proposal for an updated constitution for the republic. It preserves almost all of the existing constitution and only adds to it where there are clear deficiencies and where we have needed to integrate the ideals of a hypercatallaxian economy into the fiber of the document.

It is all up for discussion, but I figured we needed to start somewhere.

It also allows for the self selection of states so that the republic can grow in an organic and natural state until all have elected to participate.

A new constitution may be required because rule of law is going to continue to be important in the future. Developers blockchain ideas often point toward a future where we don't need governance because we'll be able to lay out smart contracts that govern themselves without a government needed for enforcement.

I ultimately think this will fail because it is an elimination of the intellectual constructs of rule of law to try to fall back to a pure social implementation. Not only do I think it is doomed to failure, but our established moral framework exposes it as failing the moral authority test. It would be immoral to do so.

I don't want to throw out the good with the bad. There are some great ideas in blockchain development, but we need to mesh them with the intellectual ideas that we see are more moral. Rule of law gives this to us. When a smart contract goes haywire due to some unforeseen event, or one of the participants is determined to have acted poorly after the execution of the contract, we need an intellectual intermediary to restore law and order.

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