The Fragility of Banking and the Antifragile Answer

We see from Taleb that the current banking industry is incredibly fragile. He calls it picking up nickels in front of a steam roller. Bankers take our money and loan it out on the assumption that it is nearly impossible for all the loans to fail at the same time. In doing this they pick up nickels and give us pennies calling it a win-win. That is until all the loans do fail at the same time and the dollars we gave them to get our pennies disappear into thin air. This is a fragile system. Volatility destroys it.

To turn it on its head we need a system that is antifragile. Volatility should increase our return. Hypercatallaxy accomplishes this in two ways. We loan the dollar to the bank and get a share of the bank's account. Since they are in the business of making loans they loan it to a business. This business spends the cash with other businesses. Some of these businesses do well and other fail. When one fails we can 'fold the blockchain' and connect the source of cash to the destination of cash across an entity. If the dividend comes from the economic activity produced in a specific account then we have a natural activity seeking process that finds the positive black swans and distributes the benefits back through the system via the decaying currency.

This form of reducing risk by folding the blockchain extends not just to banking but all forms of financing whether it be venture capital or a loan between family members.

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