MOV. Measure of Value

... how does one measure the exchange of goods with Money (MNY)? How can we encourage a Medium of Exchange (MEX)?

Barter of goods suffers from the not needed fallacy. Informal debt systems can be very hard to reconcile. Money solves the this problem how?

Money is an efficient way to measure value. Since units of money are fungible, when one person offers X units for a good and another offers 2X, the good is measurable more valuable to the second. This may seem a silly example, but 2 cows are not necessarily more valuable than 1 cow. The 2 may be unhealthy or a different breed.

As much as it can, a new form of money should maintain this property. 1 unit should always be half as valuable as 2 units of the same currency.

Note: We contend that a measure of value is different than a 'store of value'. A measure of value can be achieved without there being a 'store of value'. As we will argue later a 'store of value' is an artificial thing and not proper for the real world.


Any form of money must be a measure of value.

Measure of Value is supported by Divisibility (DIV). Measure of Value can be strengthened by being made Legal Tender (LTN).

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