SDP. Supply, Demand, Price

... How does a market (MKT) track what is available in a market and what the proper price is for goods and services.

Markets must understand the current supply and demand of goods and services to create a price for them.

Can we help make the supply and demand in a market more transparent? If goods and artificial capital are registered in the public ledger we could give more transparency to the supply currently in the market. Bids for assets could help show demand. This may be an over extension of our system to try to make this ubiquitous, but for some items it could be a good way to determine a price.

We will discuss this more when we talk about a market for debt.

What will be in our Public Ledger is the past supply. This can be an important input into forecasting prices and demand.


Support specific metadata around transactions that help track the past supply of goods and services and the prices that were paid.

Track item supply and price paid in the public ledger (PLG).

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