EPI. Economic Piston

An Economic system cannot function unless it is driven by a piston that maintains the velocity of money so that inflation is controlled and still there is always enough money to buy the outputs of production.

If there is more money than output, prices will rise. This leads to hyperinflation.

If there is more output than money then unemployment will rise leading to a spiral of unemployment.

An economic system is subject to many outside forces that may rapidly swing the demands of a the system one way or another. (ie. War, Technology breakthrough)

A good economic system will be tolerant of these swings, a great system will thrive when they occur.


Whenever possible, work toward the evolution of a thriving economic system, the economic piston, that will excel in balancing money supply and demands and push the flow of money at a rate that benefits the advancements of society.

Within the economy, encourage the participants to distribute themselves into States (STA), Markets (MKT), Legal Entities (LGE), all made up of Citizens (CTZ). These actors can participate in the economy by using Money (MNY) and by producing Capital (CAP).

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