DIG. Human Dignity

... How can the public ledger (PLG) and taxation (TAX) be used to help the citizen (CTZ) develop and maintain human dignity?

Society has an obligation to help all citizens maintain their human dignity.

In a thriving and decent society Humans have the inherent right to:

  • information (the internet)
  • education (lifelong)
  • health care
  • elder care
  • nourishment and clean water
  • shelter

If a society cannot or will not provide these, it should not be considered decent or modern. Societies that can and chose not to provide these things should be publicly shamed.

We propose tracking the provision and rights to these items in the public ledger via prefs given to those in need. There are specific challenges to each and the major issues and solutions will be addressed in later chapters.


The state should institute frameworks and services that preserve Human Dignity.

Human Dignity should be further enhanced by Education (EDU), Elder care (ELD), Welfare (WEL), the Home (HOM).

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