MKT. The Market

... How does an economic piston (EPI) organize itself? How can the state (STA) organize economic activity via the rule of law (LAW).

Centers of economic activity both informal and formal emerge around specific activities. How should we discuss these?

Markets emerge around all kinds of activities. Some markets are informal like the bizarre. Others are very formal and subject to strict regulation like the New York Stock Exchange.

Money is used as the medium of exchange in all of these markets. Our money should support these markets and help the to operate more efficiently than the current system does.


Provide liquidity and an infrastructure for highly effective markets.

Markets determine the price for things via Supply, Demand and Price (SDP). When analyzing a market we should use Interdependence and/or nth order decision making (INT). An ideal market should Neutralize Economic Rent (ECR), provide for the negation of opportunity costs (NOC), provide for the instant transfer (INS) of goods and services, and be held accountable by the public ledger (PLG).

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