HOM. The Home

... How can we maintain human dignity (DIG) of those that choose to stay home with their young children instead of working?

What is the nurture of a child worth to society? How can we compensate those that want to stay home with young children?

Establish a caregiver fund. That fund will get prefs in young children and the caregivers will get prefs in the fund. Pref payments made to the fund will pass through to the caregivers in a proportional amount. The fund should be separated into 'cohorts' so that the funds don't begin to pay out for a number of years.

This will provide dividends later in life for parents and caregivers that choose to stay home and nurture their children.

What about lost income from not working? I have no immediate answer for this. We sacrifice a lot for our children and I'm not sure that is something to be solved. Of course the government could provide a stipend to caregivers. This would be helpful and allow them to build up prefs and pay for the daily need of their children.(this would be especially helpful in single parent homes).


The state should provide a stipend to parents and caregivers who take care of children. They should also be issued prefs in a caretaker fund that is separated into cohorts.

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