The Citizen

Who: The citizen is any living human being that resides in a state. The citizen gets a 'vote' on items of public affairs and can elect representative to government.

How is a citizen affected by our system? The citizen gets the democratic veto and the selective veto. On state accounts that the citizen pays taxes to they can vote 'abstain', 'deny', 'override' to limit the function of the states account. If a state cannot pay or receive cash they will be quick to fix citizen issues.

This empowers the citizen to not just have a significant vote every four years, but every day. The citizen will now wield power over the government's ability to operate.

On specific issues the citizen might use selective veto. An example would be that if the citizens did not like the aggressiveness of the police force, they could veto accounts in that particular agency only. The rest of the government would be unaffected.

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