Democratic Hypercatallaxy

Why do we need a new form of money? It is my belief that money is unnatural. It does not die and therefore can lead to unfair advantage. With our new form of money we seek to naturalize money and fix a lot of issues along the way.

This kind of money is different for 3 core reasons:

  1. Our new money has the property of demurrage. Demurrage is controlled inflation. This means you must constantly spend money to keep your money 'current' and usable.

  2. Our new money demands that a form of artificial capital(aka prefs) be given to the sender of funds along with goods and services in the event of a transaction. Spending our new money is also investing money. The demurrage from our new money is paid out to owners of this capital. Since no transaction can be performed without the transfer of capital we aim to democratize 'capitalism'.

  3. It allows taxpayers the right to veto the use of state run accounts. This is a form of ongoing voting that makes the people much more powerful in their democratic self government. The three pillars of the republic are the executive, the legislative, and the judiciary. We add a fourth check to the balance that is a direct citizen veto of the ability for governments to transact business.

'Art' is a proposed technical implementation. There maybe others that are better but I feel like I should not present a problem without some sort of solution proposed.

Why Art? We propose that people should be 'compensated for the full output of their labor'. Their labor is their Art. A unit of production echos into the future indefinitely and each laborer should have some right to the value produced from their own labor.

This idea of 'full output of labor' was originally a socialist and communist ideal. I in no way want to be associated with those movements. In fact, I have attempted to swing this concept completely on its head. In a sense, my conclusion is that the communists and socialists missed the fact that laborers were not obtaining their full output because society was not capitalistic enough. At the same time, the hypercatallaxy I propose is a much more egalitarian system than our current form of capitalism.

In the following sections we discuss a theoretical coin called 'art' which seeks to:

  • institutionalize hypercatallaxian economics
  • bring about the simplification of taxes
  • end the deathless corporations
  • end indentured employment
  • provide for the education of our children
  • empower democratic ideals of self government
  • increase transparency
  • enrich the laboring class
  • return the human capital wasted in the finance industry to progressive endeavors
  • ensure social security and a thriving economy.

In the first section, 'Generating a new form of money' we seek to form a generative language to lead to the adoption of art as the dominant form of money.

It is an over ambitious task to try to tackle all of those things and I would hesitate if the following things were not true:

  1. The solution is simple.

  2. It would not be possible to do without digital money.

In 'The Form Language' we take a look at democratic hypercatallaxy and build a form language of items to use in the construction of our new form of money. This section is for those that want to take a deeper look at the concept of democratic hypercatallaxy and the forms that make the engine run.

In 'The Pattern Language' we take a look at the pattern language considered for this document. This section is specifically targeted to those that are fans of the pattern language and the work of Christopher Alexander. This section is not required reading for those wanting to understand the basics of democratic hypercatallaxy but is a key component that was developed before we built the form and generative language.

I know I'm biting off way more than I can chew with this and that is why I'm putting out at this point and hoping to get feedback and help in seeing if some of these ideas are practical and can actually be implemented.

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