The Form Language

We have chosen the name Democratic Hypercatallaxy to speak towards our systems key concepts of the democratic veto and the issuing of capital upon each transaction.

In this book we will flesh out our form language for our new money and provide conceptual details. The following forms will be discussed in detail:

The types of accounts:

  1. State Accounts
  2. Citizen Accounts
  3. Legal Entity Accounts
  4. Foreign Accounts
  5. Privacy Accounts
  6. Domestic Accounts

The Key money flow concepts:

  1. Public Ledger
  2. Demurrage
  3. Catch Up
  4. Tax
  5. Prefs
  6. Legacy
  7. Pass Through
  8. Loan Pool
  9. Loan Officers

The levers of economic manipulation controlled by the issuer of the currency:

  1. Demurrage Rate
  2. Retaining Rate
  3. Issuance Rate
  4. Legacy Rate
  5. Liability Rate

The political objects tied to the currency

  1. Required Tax
  2. Elective Tax
  3. Veto

We will then provide instructive scenarios about how the forms will interact to form our vision of democratic hypercatallaxy.

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