EDU. Education

... How can we enrich labor (LBR) and maintain human dignity (DIG) through learning?

How do we educate a society and ensure that the best education possible is available.

We have already discussed that the issuing of prefs from a laborer to its employer will result in improved continuing education.

What about our children? Teachers are some of the lowest paid professionals in our society and they are in charge of ensuring our future. Can we overcome this?

We propose the public ledger be used to enrich teachers. How will this work?

As children attend school, each child will be allocated a set of prefs. This amount will be chosen by rule of law, but let us take an example. Let's suppose that a high school education is worth about $1.5 million dollars in lifetime earnings. if we divide this by 18 (0yo - 12th grade, including pre-school) we are left with about 83k per year of school. The state can put on the public ledger via rule of law an amount equal to 83k prefs in the account of each school, these can be distributed to the teachers in that school in accordance with the school's policies. As a result, when a citizen graduates from high school, his former teachers will collectively own about 1.5 million prefs in that citizen. If he holds $2000 in his account for a month at a 12% demurrage rate, and the tax rate is 50% (quite high), each year of teachers will receive about about $2 to distribute among themselves. With a large number of students and a long teaching career, these dividends could become quite healthy.

We expect that many more people will want to start their careers as teachers and build up a large amount of prefs before moving on to higher careers.

In addition, the propensity to send young graduates off to war for indiscriminate reasons will be reduced if a significant portion of the population his such a substantial investment in the young people being successful.


In addition to paying teachers well, the state should give prefs in the citizens they teach to teachers as a dividend for teaching.

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