The Single Mother

Who: The parent is the caretaker of a child. This has traditionally been the domain of the mother, but it should not be restricted as such. It can be a father or, in the lack of a biological mother and father, a legal guardian.

How will our system affect the parent?

For the parent that waits until later in life to have a child they will be able to rely on continued pref payments to take some time away from work to nurture their child.

For the young parent who has no prefs to rely on, a government pref stipend should be provided if a parent wants to 'stay home' and provide child care. These stipends can come from the Education prefs of the cohort their child belongs to.

A price cannot be put on the nurture of a child by its parents. The dividends paid by ensuring that a parent who chooses child care over work should be encouraged. Prefs paid should be equal to the previous yearly output of the parent(to a reasonable limit).

A single parent may also be offered a cash stipend. This will help further stimulate the economy and assure the nurture of the next generation. If the parent wants to continue working they can choose to spend the stipend on child care.

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