COL. Collateralization of Capital

... How does capital (CAP) accelerate the activity in a market.

The collateralization of capital is a fundamental tenet of capitalism and must be accounted for.

Our new system of money wants to preserve the positive effects of capitalism while enhancing the flow of money. Because collateralization is a key tenet of capitalism we must address it. Our money isn't something that itself can be collateralized, but other forms of artificial and real capital can be pledged in exchange for loans.

The pledging of artificial capital may be compromised in a system where a demurrage is charged on those forms of artificial capital. Collateralization contracts will need to take this 'Liability Rate' into consideration when being constructed.

The right to personal real capital is not compromised and there should be no issue posting real capital as collateral for financing.


Support the collateralization of both artificial and real capital.

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