SCZ. Selective Citizenship

... How can a citizen declare his membership in a community (CTZ)?

How can citizens elect what they are members of?

We propose that the issuer of a currency have the ability to control the demurrage tax on the currency. This should be set at some reasonable level to bring in enough expenditures to pay for state operations and human dignity programs.

What of local governments, unions, and other organizations? The collection of dues could be handled through demurrage taxes as well. For these types of citizenship, the user would have to elect their payment of these taxes. The organization would be responsible for providing the rights and benefits of membership.

For example, say the United States nationalizes our new currency and charges and demurrage tax of 25%. In addition they cap, via rule of law, state taxes at 10%, and county taxes at 1.5% and city taxes at 1.5%.

Texas might compete with other states for business by only requiring 6%. Houston and Austin may compete for citizens by offering lower than 1.5%.

What if I want benefits of being both a citizen of Texas and New York? I could elect to have a second citizenship. I will have more of my pref payments go to taxes, but I will procure more benefits. In addition, a union could require a demurrage tax percentage of 1% to be a member of union. There could be other requirements as well so it will need to be a mutual system where both the citizen and the organization agree that the member is a citizen.

We believe that the ease of collection of funds via this manner will entice organizations and states to subject themselves to the democratic veto that will be discussed later.

We will speak more to the powers that citizenship achieves later when we talk about Democratic Veto.

What about non resident accounts? Can a foreigner hold an account on our system? Yes. These accounts will be issued by the issuer and will not have citizen rights but may establish demurrage amounts by rule of law. If the taxes are too high, foreign entities may choose to do business elsewhere.


Allow for multiple citizenship via demurrage tax shares and allow for non-citizen accounts.

Selective Citizenship give the citizen the rights to Democratic Veto (VTO).

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