Achieving Supersociety

Society has the possibility of bootstrapping into an infinite number of supersocieties. Which bootstrap will actually latch is very hard to predict, but we will not let this difficulty hinder our efforts. Our goal must be to maintain our intellectual authority while acting with responsibility toward a large and permissive set of cultures. Using the understanding of time that our intellect gives us we will try to thread a needle through a small window of probability that will lead to a safe and productive supersociety that establishes a justification to any oncoming superintelligence that our supersocity is not only worth keeping around, but worth extending to the edges of the universe.

I am proposing two advancements to increase our probability of accomplishing these goals.

  1. Establish a Blockchain based marketplace with hypercatallaxian features

  2. Establish an extended republic that supports a peaceful global society subject to a common set of hypercatallaian markets.

I predict that the Blockchain based system will have the following effects on our society:

A. Increased cash flows via decaying currency.

B. Reduce risk by blockchain folding over failed entities.

C. Tie government regulation and rule of law to the execution of transactions on the blockchain.

The extended republic will help align our goals in our small corner of our galaxy to an extent that helps us bound off of this rock and toward the stars.

Both goals ultimately align with a world state where people living a very very long time is paramount to the success of the underlying systems.

The following sections will discuss the basics of these two major systems.

They will be followed by a robust explication of all the moving pieces of this new kind of economy in the 'Democratic Hypercatallaxy' Section. We then will propose a new US constitution, based almost wholly on the existing document, that embeds this economic system in the foundations of our liberal democratic republic.

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