MEX. Medium of Exchange

... how does one lubricate the exchange of goods with Money (MNY)?

Barter and Informal Debt Systems are inefficient. Money solves the this problem how?

Money gives us an easy medium of exchange. A person can exchange a good for money knowing that later they can use that money to purchase other goods.

In personal transactions, fiat money can trade hands for goods. This is an instant transaction.

Digital transactions are not so simple today, although the reason is based on entrenched corporations and obstructionist lobbying. Funds must be transferred from one bank account to another often with a charge to the cash receiving party.

As much as it can be, a new form of money should eliminate this fee and transfer money from one account to the other as near to instantly as possible without sacrificing security.


Any form of money must be a means of exchange, should be transferable without a fee, and transacted funds should be made available as soon as securely possible.

Means of exchange is supported by Liquidity (LIQ) and Divisibility (DIV) and Measure of Value (MOV). Means of exchange can be strengthened by being made Legal Tender (LTN).

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